Getting Started: How to Paint without Numbers with a DIY Kit

Getting Started: How to Paint without Numbers with a DIY Kit

Imagine this: The creativity-DIY bug bites and you feel inspired to explore your creative side. You finally pick up a brush, but now are stuck staring at a blank canvas. What next? How do you paint without numbers?

Sound familiar? Instead of using pre-determined lines as guides, Peace & Palette DIY paint kits help you explore your creativity and do-it-for-yourself by supplying you with thoughtfully curated color palettes that will inspire your next work of art. Create your own paint by numbers, or freestyle the design all together - either way, you’re exploring true DIY!

Peace and Palette - a DIY Paint Kit

And because the canvases are available in smaller sizes (4-7 inches), there are so many opportunities to personalize and decorate your spaces – from your nightstand, to bookshelf, to bar cart, office desk, and beyond.

Here are the top 3 ways to narrow down what to paint next 🎨

Paint a feeling

You could choose one of the 12 palettes that best matches the color story of your home decor and go totally abstract with your design. You can compliment your space’s aesthetic and simply doodle to your hearts desire. When you paint what you feel, there are no rules when it comes to random brushstrokes, drawing shapes, or painting ombré. 

Go abstract and paint random strokes in the color palette that matches your decor

You could also consider these:

  • Living away from your hometown? Channel that feeling and paint your home state with the color palette that matches your style. 
  • Think, “where is my happy place?” Whether it’s the Happiest Place on Earth or simply being in the car with a fresh Starbucks cup, paint a small snapshot of that feeling to keep it on your workstation that’ll keep you company.
  • Have a mantra or phrase that always inspires you? Paint that reminder or affirmation and outline with your favorite colors.

For some inspiration on those feel good feelings, check out our Inspiration board on Pinterest.

Paint a memory 

Painting a memory is special and unique to you. Let the color palettes inspire you with a favorite vacation, the view from an observation deck, or simply a favorite sunset (which is definitely saved in your camera roll).

Taking a picture out of an airplane window - Paint what you captured
  • That photo you snapped from the airplane window makes for a great painting.
  • Your view of the stars from your moonlit walk that time you slept outdoors and sought out constellations in the sky.
  • Dig up old photo albums or peruse your camera roll, your next piece could be an old memory of your childhood backyard and favorite pet, or, your favorite recent moment, like from your road trip out west.
  • The moment you saw that breathtaking view from the top of the slopes.
  • Lastly, 2020 was a doozy with some gems sprinkled in. Maybe you could paint one of those moments from the year that will remain in infamy.

For guides and tutorials on how to paint these types of scenes, visit our Pinterest page and our DIY Tutorials board.

Paint a thing

A blank canvas can be a daunting sight, but all it really takes to paint a subject is to start with a color palette that most calls you or matches the colors in your home decor. From there, is there a fruit, flower, butterfly, or, here me out, emoji that could match that scheme? Trace or outline with the pencil that comes with the kit and make the design your own.

Paint your own special mandala with our Peace and Palette color collections

  • Fill the small space with a mandala, your initials, a fruit bowl or garden veggie, your city skyline at sunset, your favorite animal, flower, or a simple monstera leaf. Create your own paint by numbers!
  • Maybe your bar cart or coffee station needs refresh with your handmade art? A well deserved cocktail or favorite happy hour drink, even a morning cup o’ joe in your favorite mug make great subjects to fill those spaces.
  • These small canvases are meant to inspire a space in your home - visualize your dream beach or lakeside vacation view and complete that by painting a hammock, fishing pole, or cabin. 
  • Think: What object brings you joy? This is a great place to start and get inspired! 

For more inspiration of paintings in real word spaces, check this link to our Pinterest board for Home Decor ideas.

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